Universität Hamburg, Fachbereich 11 - Mathematik

Institut für Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften,
Mathematik und Technik

Scientific Instrument Society

Programme of the
Annual Study Conference, Museums and Collections

(Hamburg and Northern Germany,
including Bremen, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg, Kiel)

May 11-16, 2002

Saturday 11 May 2002 - Hamburg

Arrival in Hamburg
Afternoon Possibility for a visit in the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg - Norddeutsches Landesmuseum,
Museumstraße 23 (two stops with S-Bahn S 31 from Dammtor to ''Bahnhof Altona''):
Navigation (''Schiffahrt'') and Old Pharmacy (''Rats-Apotheke Lauenburg'')

17 h Start at ''Altonaer Museum - Norddeutsches Landesmuseum'',
City Walk from Altona to Hamburg port along the river Elbe
(Gudrun Wolfschmidt)

Possibility for a dinner in Hamburg-Neustadt, e.g. near Michaeliskirche or in a fish restaurant in St. Pauli
Look at the list of Restaurants in Hamburg.

Sunday 12. May 2002 - Kiel

09.30 h Departure in Hamburg, Hotel Dammtorpalais, Moorweidenstrasse 34
11.00 h Kiel (History)
Guided tour by (Felix Lühning): (meeting point ''Himmelsleiter'') 13 h Lunch in the city centre
14-15.30 h 15.30-17 h

18.30 h Arrival in Hamburg

Monday 13. May 2002 - Hamburg

9.30 h Departure in Hamburg, Hotel Dammtorpalais, Moorweidenstrasse 34
10.45-13 h Lauenburg/Elbe (50 km east of Hamburg)
13.30 Departure to Hamburg-Bergedorf
14.30-16.30 h Bergedorf
16.30 h Bus to Hamburg
17.15 h Arrival in Hamburg

18.00 h IGN Hamburg (Geomatikum), Bundesstr. 55
(Metro-Bus 4 from Dammtor to Schlump)
colloquium lecture:
Peter Heering; Prof. Dr. Falk Rieß (Oldenburg):
''The replication method as an access to historical scientific practice:
Fizeau's measurement of the speed of light.''

19 h Reception in the IGN Paläontological Museum

Tuesday 14. May 2002 - Wingst, Bremerhaven

8.00 h Departure from Hamburg, Hotel Dammtorpalais, Moorweidenstrasse 34
10.30-12 h Wingst
13.30 h Bremerhaven: Lunch

14.30-17 h

19 h Arrival in Hamburg

Wednesday 15. May 2002 -
Bremen, Lilienthal, Oldenburg

9.00 h Departure in Hamburg, Hotel Dammtorpalais, Moorweidenstrasse 34

10.00 h Bremen:
10.30-11.30 h

12.00-13.30 h Lilienthal
Guided tour by Günther Oestmann:

14.30-17.00 h Oldenburg

19.30 h Arrival in Hamburg

Thursday 16. May 2002 - Hamburg

9.45 h Departure from hotel by S-Bahn (1 stop: Dammtor - Hauptbahnhof)
10-14 h

Torquetum, Erasmus Habermel, 1585/90

14.00 h Planetarium by U 3 to Borgweg/Stadtpark or
by Bus 20 until ''Ohlsdorferstrasse''
14.30-15.30 h 16 h (by U 3 to St. Pauli/Holstentor) 20 h (Metro-Bus 5 from Dammtor to ''Rathaus'' - City hall)

Further possibilities for visits in Northern Germany:

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